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AlexMassage provides services exclusively with home delivery. Below you can find practical information about the treatment.

What to Expect with Mobile Massage?

I arrive at your place – be it your apartment, hotel room, garden, yacht, camping site or work space – with a portable massage table and all the necessary gear. The set up takes about five minutes and requires some 2,5 m² of space. All you need to do is undress to your level of comfort and lie down comfortably cushioned on the table. You will be covered with a blanket, with only the massaged area exposed. Usually the 60 minute option includes legs, lower and upper back, neck, shoulders and face massage. The 90 minute option additionally incorporates arms, hands, scalp, feet, front  thighs or thigh cupping for the ladies. You are free to choose the content of each session yourself but for the first time I generally recommend the above composition, with back massage taking about half of the allocated time. In my practice I use integrative approach and vary the pressure according to your liking from medium to deep. Only the highest quality pure organic and hypoallergenic oils are used with variety of scent and healing properties. Fresh sheets are changed before each session and the equipment sanitized afterwards in front of you. Play your favorite music or let Alexandra choose something relaxing from her groovy library.

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Please be aware that if you are booking Alexmassage, you are booking a therapeutic, non-sexual massage. Do not expect anything but a relaxation massage. There really is not much more to say about this other than that. Any inappropriate and/or sexual behaviour will not be tolerated; you will be flagged as an undesirable client and may even be reported to the authorities.

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