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For Expecting Mamas

You will be cushioned comfy on your noble side like a real queen should. Feet off the ground. Heavenly strokes. Your back gets a break. We’ve got you covered. And that with a very soft blankie too…


A massage for the expecting lady can be performed at any time during the pregnancy with adequate adjustments and specific techniques to accommodate all stages and personal condition. It helps women to minimize the physical and emotional discomforts of pregnancy. Aids in alleviating back pain, leg cramps, and overall soothes the body. We start the session with you lying on your back, which should not bring any discomfort when cushioned under your left hip (important artery there). We continue the remaining treatment time on your side – which is the standard position for ladies in advanced pregnancy. In this way it is easy to access and relieve tension both in lower back and legs, as well as shoulders and neck. I believe that only the mother knows how to touch her unborn baby ♥ therefore I leave the belly part to you. For the first session I always reserve extra time for us to test different positions with cushions etc. If you already have a DooMoo bag (the big sausage) we can use it as well. The position in which you normally sleep would be the way we try to make you comfy on the massage table supported with the cushions – and the rest of the job is mine!


Please be aware that if you are booking Alexmassage, you are booking a therapeutic, non-sexual massage. Do not expect anything but a relaxation massage. There really is not much more to say about this other than that. Any inappropriate and/or sexual behaviour will not be tolerated; you will be flagged as an undesirable client and may even be reported to the authorities.

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