Relaxation massage

Classic Relaxation treatment consists of a slow paced full body massage 

Pregnancy Massage

For Expecting Mamas. You will be cushioned comfy on your noble side like a real queen should.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Also called Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), is a type of gentle massage intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph which carries waste products away from the tissues.


Sports Massage is a deep tissue rejuvenating massage which eliminates tension within muscles and reduces pain in the back, neck and shoulders

Relaxation and sports massage at the comfort of your home

About AlexMassage

AlexMassage is a unique service which delivers high quality massage experience to your doorstep, with a professional table or massage chair. Physical and mental comfort is paramount to deep relaxation.

Alexandra believes that only the convenience of your own place can create an environment conducive to sustainable well-being. Non-messy home delivery also means you don’t need to spend your precious time on finding a salon and getting there in windy rains, won’t share a bathroom, endure ugly decor or have to be suspicious about hidden cameras.

Quick access with no forms to fill out, last-minute bookings and different payment options make your experience entirely hassle free.

The full body massage, designed by Alexandra herself after months of intensive training in India with renowned movement masters, spiritual gurus and Ayurvedic practitioners, not only rejuvenates your tired muscles but also sends your mind on a one hour trip of serenity, peace and blissful forgetfulness resulting in a long lasting peace of mind and a state of calm and clarity – both emotional and psychological.

Only such integrative approach can truly calm your mind and take away the pain from your body after a stressful day. Provided in English and with a choice of pressure, fragrance, music and exclusive colour schemes, AlexMassage invigorates your soul and pampers your senses.

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Alex Massage provides CLASSIC RELAXATION and SPORT MASSAGE at the comfort of your home with FREE delivery