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My adventure with massage therapy started about ten years ago during one of my travels, when an impressive encounter in Portugal with an alternative practitioner called Manu completely changed my views on well-being and natural healing. Upon return I started reading into the subject of Ayurveda, the ancient Hindu natural medicine. Later my travels took me to Spain, Israel and Thailand, where I studied various massage techniques, such as Swedish, Thai, Hawaiian, sports and relaxation massage – in which I have a certificate from the Netherlands.

Having lived in India and South-East Asia for nearly a year in total I studied massage, natural medicine, yoga and Indian classical dance under the guidance of internationally recognized doctors, Hindu monks and venerable movement teachers. AlexMassage is the outcome of all these experiences. In my practice I use integrative approach guided by one principle: Give what you want to receive. I’d like to share what I’ve learnt with others while providing a flawless service within a reasonable price range.

Otherwise I have a teaching degree and an MA in Contemporary Dance and Theater Studies from Utrecht University. As an expat myself, I know that being away from home and trying to adapt to a new environment can be a challenging and stressful process. Life as an expatriate can be exciting, but it is not always easy. AlexMassage is aimed at persons who seek a new way to deal with their daily life issues and who are motivated to achieve self-growth. People have told me my massage relaxes them deeply. So wait no longer and make an appointment!

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