Massage & Corona

Massage and Corona / Covid-19 in the Netherlands

Your home is the safest place to be, and the most hygienic to receive a massage treatment.

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Covid update 23 March 2022: currently the Dutch government has lifted all anti-covid measures, including masks and social distancing. That means massages can return in all forms without further restictions. Please let me know if you’d like me to wear a mask.

At AlexMassage most of the hygiene measures were in place already long before the pandemic – such as sanitizing hands and all equipment before and after each session, or fresh sheets changed in front of you. To prevent further spread of the virus the main rules outlined by RIVM will be observed during my visit at your home:

  • If you have any corona symptoms or temperature postpone your appointment and get self-tested.
  • We try to keep 1,5m distance until you lie down on the massage table.
  • No shaking hands or me touching anything in your house, incl. door handles.
  • Payment in cash again accepted but not hand to hand. Transfer & contactless payment also possible.
  • Please measure your temperature on the day of the appointment to make sure it is not higher than 37°C.
  • If you have any more suggestions or questions please let me know.

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