September 2023

Hey there, amazing readers of Alex Massage Newsletter 🌼

I hope this quick update finds you in a state of utter tranquility, or at least in the process of tackling those pesky tension knots. It’s your friendly neighborhood massage therapist Alexandra here, armed with hands of relaxation and a portable massage table ready to set up personal spa at the comfort of your home.

Therapist Confession:
Sometimes I get so carried away with the zen atmosphere that I almost use massage oil instead of salad dressing. It’s a fine line between relaxation and a Caesar salad. In all seriousness though, since my last newsletter in 2020 things have been knotty but steady, and thanks to all of you awesome clients 🕊️ my business survived and is now one of the most popular in Leiden!

What’s new:
ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM which you can find directly on my homepage – play with it a bit, it’s not a smart one yet 😉
MASSAGES always at your home and always uniquly personalised: sports, relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, lymphatic, pregnancy, rebozo, cellulite, couples, singles, families and parties.

Punny Pun Corner:
Why did the massage therapist go broke? Because she kneaded dough and didn’t charge enough doughllars for it! 💸
Prices remain the same since Jannuary 2021, so considering the inflation your massage is now even cheaper! Check the current list on

Client Chronicles:
This week I had Anna who came in claiming she was ‘stiff as a board’. Not sure if she meant a surfboard or a cutting board, but I took on the challenge! After a deep tissue session, Anna left my table feeling more flexible than a yoga instructor doing the limbo. She even tried to demonstrate by bending backward to grab her phone – let’s just say, she won the award for Most Spirited Lift-off 🏄‍♀️

Exclusive Offer:
Mention the code “KNOTTYGIGGLES” during your next booking, and I’ll add extra 10 minutes of kneading to your session – absolutely knot charge! September only 🍂

Remember, dear readers, life might be knotty, but Alex is here to knead your cares away. Until next time, keep calm and stay fabulously relaxed!
Your Go-to Knot Whisperer 🦚