Massage parties! Ideal for engagement parties, bachelorette parties, wedding parties, divorce parties, holiday parties,
birthday parties,office parties, graduation parties, ladies night, or a day off… And also good for work!

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Whether you are organizing a corporate meet & greet, school reunion, beach party, friends movie evening or girls pyjama night, AlexMassage can deliver a shorter version of her exceptional Classic Relaxation Massage to your venue:

  • 30 min. session including back, neck, arms and shoulders on a professional massage table costs €45. Reservation of minimum three sessions per event is required.
  • 15 min. treatment including shoulders, neck and upper back on a professional massage chair costs €25. Reservation of minimum four sessions per visit is required.

Need a customized offer? Inquire for a quote! Prices for companies are excluding 21% BTW.

Perfect als kado!

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Alex Massage levert KLASSIEKE ONTSPANNING- en SPORTMASSAGE, in jouw comfortabele thuis omgeving zonder voorrijkosten.