Rebozo Massage

Rebozo massage is a gentle massage that relaxes and balances the lower back and pelvic areas,
increases the natural flow of the body, and strenghtens bonding and attachment

Rebozo Massage?

Rebozo is a handwoven shawl from Central America used for centuries by midwifes to help ease delivery, carry babies in a sling, and perform a closing massage ritual. It is the latter that Alex offers to mothers in post-partum phase. Rebozo massage is complimentary to a full body relaxation massage that allows all the physical tension to release before you can connect with your feminine on the new path to motherhood, in which your wellbeing comes only second to your child’s.

Post-natal Rebozo massage is suitable from the first week after delivery, or as soon as the mother can leave her baby in care of loved ones for more than an hour. After a full body relaxing massage on a professional massage table you will gently move onto the Rebozo, which I set up in advance on a soft mat with cushions. You can choose between 60, 75, or 90 minutes in which the Rebozo part takes one third of the entire session. If you haven’t had AlexMassage before, I recommend at least 75min session so that you can really truly deeply relax before the closing ritual – which can be very touching and personal. Therefore it is important that you really take time to tune in, as well as feel comfortable with your massage therapist.

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Rebozo Massage Massage Leiden

And here for fearless feminine inspiration is Frida Kahlo with her rebozo on a 1937 VOGUE cover. Photo by Toni Frissell. Check out my Instagram for the most recent impressions of Rebozo and relaxation massage. Touch you soon!

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