Relaxation and Sports Massage

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Clasic Relaxation Massage

Classic Relaxation treatment consists of a slow paced full body massage where only organic ayurvedic anti-stress oils are used. You are covered with a fluffy blanket to create the perfect ambiance. Zen music or sounds of nature are played in the background on high quality portable speakers while Alexandra delivers a steady stream of gentle pressure to your tired body.

Classic Relaxation Massage not only rejuvenates your tired muscles but also reduces anxiety and symptoms of the seasonal affective disorder, as well as increases body awareness. It results in improved concentration and encourages a healthy lifestyle while reducing body pain. Aimed at those who want to practice self-awareness, expand consciousness and raise overall level of happiness, the treatment stimulates acceptance and brings harmony in your immediate environment.

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Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage is a deep tissue rejuvenating massage which eliminates tension within muscles and reduces pain in the back, neck and shoulders. That has an immediate effect on sleep, mood and vitality which profoundly affect our private as well as working life. The manual treatment, aimed at those who use physically activity in their daily life, focuses on strained muscle areas, which directly results in heightened energy levels, improved immune system, as well as reduced susceptibility to disease and infections, decreased headaches and insomnia.

If you’re not sure which treatment suits you best, Alexandra can deliver a combination of the two suited to your personal needs.

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